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Join hundreds of artists, photographers and businesses who rely on us daily to produce and ship orders under their name or brand.
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Dropshipping Made Easy

Let us ship your prints and frames to your customers. With our drop shipping service, your orders will look like you produced and shipped the order. There is no additional charge to choose this option and it can be automatic or done by checking the drop ship box at checkout.

How it Works

At checkout, choose the drop ship box on the last screen after your enter your shipping destination. Or, if you are registered user, you can save your business profile and upload the logo you want us to use on your shipping labels and packing slips. That's it! The order is received at your customer's location within 5 to 10 working days and it looks like you sent it. If you use one of our order import apps for Shopify, Etsy, Squarespace, etc, dropshipping is automatic.


  • Packing slip can have your name or company name.
  • Registered users can have their logo printed on the packing slip.
  • Shipping label on package displays your name or company name.
  • FinerWorks remains unknown to your customer unless you tell them.

Who Outsources to Us?

  • Artists selling their prints online or offline
  • Photographers of all shapes and sizes
  • Etsy sellers
  • Online galleries
  • Traditional offline galleries
  • Other printing and photo labs
  • Picture framers
  • Online & offline retailers

Integration Tools

Create High Resolution Scans Create high-resolution digital scans of your original artwork with your phone using ArtZip's online software. It's fun and easy!

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Sell Online Post your virtual inventory for sale. Currently exclusive to Finerworks users, at GeoGalleries, create your own galleries. Sales are automatically fulfilled by FinerWorks. Monthly/weekly payments via PayPal.

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Order fulfillment Bring together all your orders from a wide range of shopping carts and marketplaces and send them to FinerWorks for processing. Perfect regardless if you have a single Etsy shop or are selling your artwork using a number of platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace, Amazon, Ebay, etc), OrderDesk connects your orders with FinerWorks.

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Order fulfillment Our Shopify app allows you to transmit your Shopify orders to us directly. If you exclusively use Shopify and do not plan to sell using other systems, then the Shopify app should suffice.


Order fulfillment Our Etsy app allows you to transmit your Etsy orders to us directly. If you exclusively use Etsy and do not plan to sell using other systems, then the Etsy app should suffice.


Order fulfillment Our Squarespace app allows you to transmit your Squarespace orders to us directly. Squarespace allows you to build your own online store, similar to Shopify.


Order fulfillment Import your orders directly from an Excel spreadsheet. Download our template and request access when you are ready.


App development If you like to write code and want to create your own custom integration for your app or website, our API has everything you need.

Docs & Examples

Transfer files Transfer JPG, TIF, and BMP image files to your uploads for printing from your Dropbox account.

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Fulfillment FAQs

  • I am based in Texas. How can I avoid sales tax?
  • Do you collect sales tax?
  • Do you collect VAT?
  • What happens if my customer decides they do not like the print they received?
  • Are discounts available if I order frequently?
  • Can I include a message for my customer?
  • What do I do if my customer says their order was lost or damaged during shipping?
  • How will I know when you have shipped an order?
  • How do I track my orders?
  • Can I have international orders drop shipped?
  • Can I quickly re-order the same prints?
  • Can I store images I frequently print?
  • Can you store my checkout information?
  • Can I provide a logo on packing slips?
  • Can packing slips show my business information instead of my billing info?
  • Is the FinerWorks brand hidden from my customers?
  • Why is my order not showing up in my order history?
  • How do I know how much I should charge for shipping?
  • Are drop shipping and order fulfillment services free?
  • Can I ship to someone else?

Need More Info or Have a Special Request?

No special account needed to start since drop shipping is built into our online ordering system, however if you require further assistance, or are not a regular user but need to submit a large batch of orders, we can help.

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