DropShipping Services for Professionals

Dropshipping services for artists at FinerWorks allows artists, photographers, galleries and printers to have prints sent directly to their own customer as if sent directly from them.

How it Works?

Simply select the drop ship option during the order process and we ship to your customers complete with a packing slip and shipping label showing your name or company name instead of our name. Store your business info if you register and we will use that information instead.

Why FinerWorks?

Many around the U.S. have and are now using FinerWorks.com as their printing solution for large format printing, especially for canvas fine art prints due to the competitive pricing and the professional services.

Who is using FinerWorks.com?

  • Artists
  • Photographers
  • Photo labs
  • Ebayers
  • Online Galleries
  • Offline Galleries
  • Printing Web Sites
  • Printing Companies
  • Online Stores
  • Traditional Retail Stores


  1. Packing slip has your name or company name
  2. Registered users can have their logo printed on the packing slip (printed in grayscale)
  3. Shipping label on package displays your name or company name
  4. FinerWorks remains unknown to your customer unless you tell them

How to Drop Ship an Order

  1. Enter your customer's shipping address as the shipping destination when you order
  2. On the final order review page, check the "Drop Ship / Gift Order" check box
  3. That's it! The order is received at your customer's location within 5 to 10 working days with a generic packing slip and shipping label that shows your billing name and address as the sender.*

 *International orders (shipping outside the U.S.) do require valid customs forms and shipping labels with our information.


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Tip for Printing

Soft Proofing Images Before Printing
Did you know you can proof your work before printing. To do so requires a properly calibrated monitor and a program like Adobe Photoshop.
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