Turnaround Time

FinerWorks offers a quick turnaround time for orders. Processing time is usually 1-3 business days while time in transit is dependent upon the shipping option selected at time of checkout. Our packaging and shipping department processes the finished order for shipment by carefully packaging it for courier pickup. For more information on shipping and transit time, please visit our shipping page.

1-3 Business Days is the Norm

Dependent upon the size of the order, time of day it comes in and how many other people are ordering prints of similar size or paper types your order will take us anywhere from 1-3 business days to produce. Right after you submit your order to us it is immediately forwarded to one of our production departments for processing. There it will remain until your order is completed and it is turned over to our shipping department.

What if it takes longer?

It tends to be rare that it will take longer than 2-3 business days however there are exceptions such as custom orders (special orders for printing not listed on this site), orders which have a high quantity of prints which require some sort of mounting, and orders during the Holidays. In those sort of out of the norm cicumstances we may only need a day or two longer. If you think you might need to place an order and are concerned it might take longer, feel free to contact us and simply ask. We can give you an approximate estimate on the time to get your order out.

Tip for Printing

What is Bleed in Print
Bleed in print is used to describe the amount of image which will be trimmed to make the print borderless. This is applicable to any of our borderless giclee prints as well as the Kodak prints.
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