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Payment Options

Payment is submitted when an order is placed either on our website or through one of our apps. The following payment options are available to you:

Credit/Debit Card

This includes Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, & Discover. Credit card payments are processed through Braintree Payments, a 3rd party credit processing service. Users can store their credit card payment options in their account for quicker checkout, only if they desire. Please note, FinerWorks will not actually store or have access to anything but the last four digits of the credit card. Instead, a payment token, the payment processor makes only applicable for use at FinerWorks is stored for future purchases.


You will need an active PayPal account. PayPal is usually tied directly to a banking account or credit card. Users will need to sign up for PayPal in order to use this service. Please note some countries outside of the U.S. may now allow PayPal. In those instances, and if a credit card payment ability is limited, consider purchasing account credits (see below).

Gift Cards

Gift cards can be purchased in values of $25 or higher. They are also available in either physical or electronic formats.  Every gift card will have a unique code that is used and will provide the user Account Credits (see below) which can be used for ordering. Gift cards can be purchased here.

Account Credits

These have a 1 to 1 dollar value ratio and can be used in lieu of a credit card. Account credits can be acquired by purchasing them in advance or by applying a gift card code to your account's credit account. Users with Account Credits in their account will automatically have account credits applied to the order total. Some users, especially from other countries and who use FinerWorks to fulfill their orders may find this a good alternative by purchasing these in advance so that they do not have to charge a credit card as frequently. Account credits can be purchased here.

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