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Import Orders from Excel

Many shopping carts and services where you receive your order allow you to download your order data into an Excel format. Change the column names to match the appropriate fields and you have an Excel doccument ready to submit.

Start Importing Orders

Example Excel Template
Below in an example of what the Excel document should look like.

12345JohnDoeABC Company123 SomehwereSuite 12Sunshine CityCA12345123456789us1AP1234P1234EC

Column Documentation
Below is a list of the both required and optional columns. If submitting via a spreadsheet, the column name should be in the first row (header) of your spreadsheet.

Field NameTypeRequiredDescriptionExample
order_ponumberyesA unique order identifier12345
ship_first_nametextyesRecipient's first nameJohn
ship_last_nametextyesRecipient's last nameDoe
ship_company_nametextnoRecipient's company nameABC Company
ship_address_1textyesRecipient's street address123 Somehwere
ship_address_2textnoAdditional address informationSuite 12
ship_citytextyesRecipient's city or townSunshine City
ship_state_codetextsee descriptionRecipient's official two digit state code. Required if shipping within the United StatesCA
ship_provincetextsee descriptionRecipient's province if outside the United States 
ship_ziptextyesRecipient's zip or postal code12345
ship_phonetextyesPhone number of recipient or sender. This is required by USPS and UPS. Use your business phone number if not comfortable in supplying this. This will be the number UPS or USPS will use in the rare occasion they need to call somone about a shipment.123456789
ship_country_codetextyesRecipient's official two digit country codeus
product_qtynumberyesNumber of copies1
product_skutextyesProduct code found when setting up a print in P.O.S.T., our print ordering app or the sku from virtual inventory.AP1234P1234
shipping_codetextyesSee shipping codes belowEC
product_image_file_urltextsee descriptionUrl to hi-resolution downloadable image file to be printed. Required if not using product code rather than a sku from virtual inventory. 
product_thumb_urltextsee descriptionUrl to preview what will be printed on invoice. Required if not using product code rather than a sku from virtual inventory. 
product_croppingtextsee descriptionLeave blank of use the word "crop" if you want the image to be cropped if it does not fit the size. Use "fit" to not crop. 

Shipping Codes
These are the possible options when populating the shipping_code column.

shipping_code description Transit Time Avg Notes
EC Economy 3-7 days Goes the least expensive method
SD Standard 2-5 days Usually goes via UPS ground or USPS Priority
EX Express 2-3 days Usually goes via UPS 2 day or Pruirity Mail (which ever is estimated faster)
ON Overnight 1-2 days Usually goes via Next Day Air or Express Mail. May not be available for some orders in which case the fastest method will be selected.

Multiple Items in the Same Order
Multiple items in the same order are supported.

You can submit multiple items in the same order by simply including the same PO for that row.

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