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Wood prints allow you to create truly original works of art online. Each panel is unique with it's own pattern so no two wood prints look alike. Using the same digital printing technology used with canvas prints and prints on fine art paper, we print directly to the surface yielding exceptional clarity not usually found in wood prints produced by other means. Print your artwork, create fancy typography prints or give photographs a uniquely organic look. The wood print can be easily inserted in many frames or even ordered with hanging hardware which allows the print to appear to float on the wall.

  • Available in 1/8 inch thick wood panels.
  • Sanded birch boards
  • Images acquire a wooden organic look.

Printing on Wood Questions

The image is printed directly to the surface using Canon Lucia inks. This allows you to feel the texture of the wood and see the grain in more detail. Each print is given a protective clear coat with UV inhibitors to seal the inks and prevent them from being smudged during casual handling.

While we have not tested everything out on the market, your typical wood finishes that you find at a hardware store can be applied to the wood without any negative effect.

White is not a standard color that is printed. Essentially when an image has pure white, no color (ink) is applied.  As the colors in an image get darker, more ink is applied. If your image has pure white, it will appear as transparent. That is where the beauty of wood prints come in since your underlying wood pattern becomes more visible the ligher the color.

Softproofing relies on having a consistent white level on the surface of the media the image is being printed to. Since the wood is obviously not white and the hue of the wood can vary slightly dependent upon the age of the wood, there is no way to profile a wood print. 

You should not have do anything other then choose or create a custom size that matches as close to your image as possible. For the best results, you may want to elevate the contrast of an image slightly so that more subtle tones you want to show are not lost to too transparent.

Absolutely. You can use acrylic or oils. One potential option of wood prints for artists that like to paint over wood panels is to use it as an under-painting.


Our sanded birch panels are 1/8 inch thick. With a less defined grain and whiter point, this is better suited for highly detailed images. Pure whites will be appear as the color of the wood. Because natural variations can occur from panel to panel color profiles are not available for soft proofing.

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