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How it Works - Printing Online

Submit Your Image File Online

The first step involves sending us your digital image. A digital image can be a digital photograph, a scan of artwork, or even a computer-generated graphic. If you happen to be an artist working in traditional methods like painting or drawing,  it will be necessary to have your artwork scanned or photographed as a high-resolution print-quality image. We don't offer scanning or art photography directly so you will need to find someone in your area who is able to do this.

Scanning original art usually yields the best reproduction however an experienced photographer with the proper equipment may be able to provide something close to if not just as good. If your artwork is small enough and you can scan it yourself with a desktop scanner, by all means, do so. If you prefer to try your hand at photographing your artwork yourself, please first spend some time researching online on how to properly photograph artwork. In the rare instance, people have returned prints that are reproductions of artwork in almost every case it is because they photographed the artwork improperly, did not carefully check it for flaws (out of focus in some areas, uneven light reflecting off of it), or did not do any post-photography editing. With the type of printers we use today, the prints they produce are highly precise so will only be as good as the file you send. 

Order Your Print & Checkout Online

After you upload your image you can print your work online with our print setup tools (POST) which allows you to create an online proof in real time showing how your image will be presented and composed based on the options you choose. 

Printing your artwork, and photography should be easy with us since you have control of how it will be printed. We usually complete production of your order in a few days and ship it based on the shipping options available that you choose. It is simple enough that many of our customers have very little technical knowledge yet order on a regular basis. In summary, you do the following:

  1. Upload your photo or artwork as a digital image
  2. Select the image you want to print
  3. Choose the type of print you want and select from the available options
  4. Submit checkout info & confirm your order

The actual ordering process takes only a few minutes. And if we catch any problems with printing your image we will let you know. And in the unlikely event we cannot print your image we will either refund your payment in full or try working with you to get a suitable image to us. 

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