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About Us

FinerWorks, a division of FinerWorks Media, LLC, is a color lab and also an order fulfillment service of art and photo prints. As a fine art reproduction & photo printing company, FinerWorks customers range from artists and photographers looking to order a few prints through our web based app to art curators requiring large print projects for the décor industry. FinerWorks abides by all U.S. and statutory employment regulations as required. FinerWorks as an equal opportunity employer, does not discriminate, implement child labor, or solicit involuntary labor from employees or private individuals, and provides a healthy work environment for all employees. All prints and products are produced using environmentally sustainable items within the borders of the United States.

Hahnemühle Certified

Some companies leave you with feeling your prints are going to only be as good as your file with no help in getting the quality you want. FinerWorks is different in that we are a strong proponent of helping our customers get the most accurate fine art and canvas prints possible. As a certified Hahnemühle production studio, we have been able to demonstrate an understanding and practice of producing prints with incredible accuracy using the latest in digital printing technology for canvas and fine art paper giclee prints. This allows us to meet the standards set by the most demanding artists and photographers.

Senior Staff

BS, University of Texas at Austin. Founding Member, CEO & CFO for FinerWorks. Monica worked extensively in the public sector prior to joining the FinerWorks team. She currently oversees most financial aspects including hiring and budgeting for FinerWorks. As CEO she provides final approval of new products.

BFA in Studio Arts, Montclair State University, New Jersey. Prior to joining the FinerWorks Team, Rupal worked as an art instructor in both the United States and India. Currently Rupal is in charge of both the front office (which includes customers service) as well as the production department. She provides introduction and training of new print product manufacturing.

BA, University of Texas at Austin. Founding Member and Chief Development Officer (CDO). While James has little formal education in the realm of visual arts, he is a self-taught artist and successfully established a lucrative web and graphic design business starting in the late 1990s. As one of the founding members of FinerWorks, James currently oversees technology implementation, product development and strategic partnerships.

BFA in Graphic Design from the Sanford Brown College. Brian runs his own graphic design business on the side while working full time as the Office Manager for FinerWorks. As the Office Manager, Brian oversees the front end of our San Antonio based production facility and the training of staff for customer service related activities. Brian also manages outgoing shipments insuring orders ensuring orders are sorted by the production staff for shipment.

Noelle is a self-taught graphic designer with extensive experience in producing commissioned canvas prints for her clients. Prior to this Noelle worked extensively in the multimedia/video industry as a videographer and editor. Currently Noelle provides direction and content for the marketing of FinerWorks. In addition, she helps train staff in customer relations and handles commissioned requests for FinerWorks.

Zane Thomas is one of the leading customer support specialist for FinerWorks. His extensive background comes from running a successful screen print company and founder of both Black Moon Prints and Black Moon Gallery, based in San Antonio.

Melissa has worked extensively in both social media marketing for the fine art community. On weekends Melissa may be found also helping such galleries such as Art on 5th in Austin and Tatum Originals in San Antonio.

Foster is part of the IT team that oversees the IT needs of the production department as well as customer service. He also provides IT related support as needed to customers that may need additional help with the ordering process.

BFA in Communication Design from University of North Texas. Gerald, prior to joining the FinerWorks team worked in the graphic design industry for a local newspaper. When he joined FinerWorks he brought considerable knowledge in digital imagery, including photo editing as well as graphic design applications. Gerald works extensively in the print production side which includes the operation of printer hardware and canvas finishing services.

Steve manages the framing center and warehouse operations. He and his staff handle framing orders and incoming supply shipments. Steve is a successful artist in his own right as well as  a general jack of all trades. Well versed in everything from computer networking to glassmaking, he operates and sells his custom glass creations on the side and online.

Brian has worked in the digital printing industry for years. He currently oversees anything to o with framing and supplies while also directly involved in framing customer orders.

BFA in Graphic Design from the Sanford Brown College. Tiffany is an accomplished artist selling her t-shirt designs at art shows. She works primarily in the framing and matting department and assists the Lead Framer.

Master of Fine Arts-Photography, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. During the day Stella works in the production department at FinerWorks however at night she is an Adjunct Professor at the Art Institute of San Antonio teaching photography related classes with an emphasis on Photoshop and digital photography for designers. Stella’s no-nonsense approach to the stretching and mounting of canvas prints, leaves the production staff checking and rechecking their work to make sure customers get the best print possible.

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