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ICC Profiles for Soft Proofing

To maximize the accuracy between what you see on the screen and what comes off of our printers, you can download the appropriate ICC profile* and use it to soft proof your images. An ICC (International Color Consortium) Profile is a standardized file format created by a specialized scanner. An ICC (also can be ICM) Profile creates a common color space used for color management in the printing workflow. ICC Profiles are often used when it is necessary to compensate for color differences between devices like scanners, digital cameras, computer monitors, ink systems printers, and printing presses. ICC profiles may be used for soft proofing but MUST be removed from a file when it is ready to be printed.

Canvas & Papers

Use the following links to access the profiles for canvas, fine art papers, and photo stock.

Metal & other Dye Sub Products

Products produced using the dye sublimation process will not have ICC profiles associated with them. This is due either the ability to measure colors on these surfaces accurately which is required to create an accurate ICC profile.

How to Install

Installation on Windows
  • Download the profile to your computer by right-clicking and selecting "Save Target As".
  • Right-click and Choose the "Install Profile" option.
Installation on MAC OS 10.x Copy the ICC profile file to one of the following two locations:
  • Users/[your login user name]/Library/ColorSync/Profiles or...
  • Library/ColorSync/Profiles
MAC OS 8.x or 9.x:
  • Download the profile to your computer.
  • Copy the ICC profile files to the ColorSync Profiles folder located in the System folder.
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