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Selling Prints with PayPal

If you have a PayPal account, did you know you have a shopping cart system you can use to sell prints you put on display in your personal galleries?

Getting Started


  • Have a PayPal account
  • Be registered here at with an account
  • Have images stored in one of your personal galleries (My Images)

PayPal provides all their account holders a shopping cart system. At FinerWorks we have simplified the process so you can use their shopping cart to sell predefined prints you have setup in your Print inventoryt


  • Setup PayPal Selling Preferences in Your FinerWorks Account
  • Setup at Least One Personal Gallery in Your FinerWorks Account              
  • Upload and High Quality Print Worthy Images
  • Assign Images to Personal Galleries
  • Create Buy Now Buttons

Setup PayPal Selling Preferences

Within your FinerWorks account's "PayPal Selling Preferences" you must enter the e-mail address you use for PayPal. This enables you to collect payment directly from the customer and receive notifications by PayPal when a purchase is made. Also consider updating other settings to include any shipping, terms of service or other information there which you thing will be important and help convince a buyer to purchase.

Setup at Least One Personal Gallery

This is done within your account. You can create as many personal galleries as you want.

Upload and High Quality/Print Worthy Images

Make sure you are uploading images which are of print quality and ready to go. This will make sure it is easier for setting up prints you want to store. DON'T upload poor quality images such as images which are too low resolution, visible watermarks, etc. If you do, your image may be removed.

Assign Images to Your Personal Galleries

Once you have created at least one personal gallery you can assign any of your images to those personal galleries.

Create Buy Now Buttons

Buy now buttons allow people to order a print from you. It works in conjunction with your own personal PayPal shopping cart. This can be done within your account when you click the thumbnail of one of your stored pictures and go into the details settings for that image. Make sure you markup your print and set a price.

What happens when someone buys a print from me?

PayPal will send you an e-mail with the details of the purchase. Since you are selling direct to the buyer, it is your responsiblity to decide how it is going to be fulfilled. Typically the artist or photographer will turn around and place an order with FinerWorks and have it drop shipped which means it looks like they sent it to their buyer (also see our order fulfillment guide). Of course you can ship something you already have in stock at home, or even from another print service. Just remember, FinerWorks will not actually be a part of the transaction between you and your buyer. Your buyer pays you direct so ultimately you will need determine how the order is going to be fulfilled. Here is an illustrated break-down of the process from start to finish.

Will FinerWorks contact me if I make a sale via PayPal?

No. Remember, people are buying your prints from you and not us. Your sales are strictly between you and your buyer. We are merely providing a platform which allows you to easily utilize your PayPal account's shopping cart to offer prints for sale with the flexibility to sell your prints at whatever price you want.

How do I get people to buy my prints?

To increase the potential of a sale, consider what the average buyer is looking for. Make sure you do things like add/update your account profile with information about yourself, give your stored images unique titles and interesting descriptions. Create as many buy now options as you can for each image and let people know when these prints are ready for purchase from you. And finally submit your stored pictures to the FinerWorks gallery if you have a gallery account.


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