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Jarris Vonzombie

Vonzombie Studio
Queen Creek, AZ

My name is Jarris Vonzombie. I am a freelance artist. My artwork has often been described as modern, impressionistic, naturalism and abstract, as well as realism and fantasy based. These artistic expressions translate well into my full-time profession as a Tattoo Artist and Visual Artist whom creates unique and one of a kind pieces upon both inanimate and living canvases.

Artist Statement:
Though we mostly communicate with words, I communicate with the painted canvas.

Through my various forms of art I attempt to relay emotion and attitude at the same time, communicate the language of everyday life. Questions asking why, cannot always be answered with mere words, and words can not always profoundly describe an emotion or attitude. Often a statement is better said through imagery as a visual stimulus. My artist statement can not fully explain what I am moved to create what I do, how I create a piece, or why I created the art. This statement only relays a short message of what I hope my art guides the viewer to feel based on what they see whether it strikes up old emotions and memories, or ignites new feelings. I thrive to have my artwork inspire and solicit something... anything of a response physically, spiritually or emotionally from the collector and viewer.


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