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Vivian Holabird

I love creating a painting, it's like bringing something to life, transforming a room with a cheerful peace. Creating art has been my life saver! After the tragic loss of my daughter in 2006, I needed the passion and purpose to really live once again.

I love animals and flowers and all kinds of beautiful things in nature itself. I believe that I was given a talent by God to share His beauty about the world through the use of paint and canvas. I try to relate the love of nature and His blessings to us all through my art. I hope that the collectors of my work can be touched in some way to Stop and Smell the Roses for a moment and reflect on the joy and beauty that has been given to us.

I paint first to bring me joy, but also to the lives and homes of others. In this life of so much uncertainty, I create my paintings to give the viewers a momentary escape from reality, like they could walk right into the painting and feel no more stress and worry. Maybe even feel a little bit of excitement and adventure. A real soul rejuvenation!

Each painting I create is a reflection of where I long to be or of one of God's creatures that I have fallen in love with, that I find captivating and beautiful. Creating both positive and uplifting paintings that have loads of movement and life in them is my joy. The commissions that I do for my clients are always fun and sometimes challenging but that's exciting to me to watch as something I may not be very familiar with, reveals itself out of a white canvas! Keep 'em coming! :)
Blending realism with fantasy to create intrigue is fun too, it takes me out of my own head, keeping my art not tight, by the rules and boring but FREEING, which I put great importance on in my life!

I strive to continue creating art that uplifts my heart (& others), puts a smile on one's face, rejuvenates and heals the soul and brings peace to the mind. I'm finding a mysterious and captivating place deep in my spirit, interpreting through paint brush, vibrant colors, and onto canvas for all to view and enjoy.

My life is living proof that it's really true; "From out of the ashes, something beautiful is made"!

Let's create!!

Vivian Holabird, Fine Artist

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