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Your image or artwork is dramatically printed on the flat surface of stone slates. Includes table top display pieces. Available in multiple sizes.

Your artwork or photo sublimated/infused to the surface of a slate rock machined and sized for easy display on any shelf, desk or table top.. Your finished print will show incredible detail and color. Each stone has their own unique chiseled edges so not two are exactly alike. They are not only scratch resistant but durable. Your stone slate also includes a set of table top stands.

Bulk rates, single item pricing and options are below.

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$15.95 ea.

1/2 Oval Slate - 5.85x5.85 in

$15.95 ea.

Left Contour Slate - 7.8x7.8 in

$15.95 ea.

Right Contour Slate - 7.8x7.8 in

$20.95 ea.

1/2 Oval Slate - 7.8x7.8 in

$20.95 ea.

Tablet Slate - 7.8x7.8 in

$20.95 ea.

Rectangle Slate - 4.68x8.58 in

$20.95 ea.

Square Slate - 5.85x5.85 in

$30.95 ea.

Rectangle Slate - 5.24x11.7 in

$35.95 ea.

Rectangle Slate - 7.8x11.7 in

$40.95 ea.

Round Slate - 11.7x11.7 in

$55.95 ea.

Oval Slate - 10.53x14 in

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