Ceramic Tiles
Your image is printed on white ceramic tiles, available in 7 different sizes from 4x4 to 12x12. Or create framed or easel back tabletop tiles that are ready for display.

Photo quality transfers of your artwork is directly to ceramic. Give a ceramic tile as a gift or keepsake. It can even be added to any tiling project around the house. This is a unique way to display your artwork or photo memories.

Bulk rates, single item pricing and options are below.

Start Order
$9.95 ea.

Tile - Single 4x4

$10.95 ea.

Tile - Single 6x6

$11.95 ea.

Tile - Single 6x8

$12.95 ea.

Tile - Single 8x8

$13.95 ea.

Tile - Single 8x10

$13.95 ea.

Tile - Single 8x12

$19.95 ea.

Tile - Single 12x12

$24.95 ea.

Tile Mosaic (4) 4.25"x4.25"

$27.95 ea.

Framed Tile - 8x8

$28.95 ea.

Framed Tile - 8x12

$28.95 ea.

Framed Tile - 8x10

$34.95 ea.

Framed Tile - 12x12

$39.95 ea.

Tile Mosaic (6) 4.25"x4.25"

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