Gloss vs. Matte Canvas

One of the most asked questions we receive is should you print on gloss or matte canvas. It used to be when we first started in the canvas printing business we would always recommend ordering on a gloss canvas since the protective coatings we used had to be applied very lightly or else it would become glossy.

All the changed as new satin coatings were introduced to the market which were specially formulated for canvas printing and our canvas supplier came up with a matte canvas which met the standards of the most discriminating gallery. The canvas provided the color and vibrancy we knew our customers would demand and the coating gave it the protection it needed.

Today that same high quality canvas is used regardless of if you order a gloss or matte canvas. The base is matte with a bright white poly-cotton blend but when you order a gloss canvas we apply a protective luster coating. If you order matte, then we apply the satin coating.

So there is no one answer since the gloss canvas and matte canvas are essentially the same but both the glossy or matte coatings do make a difference when it comes to the image you are printing. Matte Canvas prints have very little glare so seem to be better for high-contrast images containing a wide array of color combination. Gloss canvas prints they tend to make an image "pop" more, and help give the illusion of deeper, more vibrant tones even when they are more muted.

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