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Michael D. Weber

My passion for art took hold at an early age. I loved making images—specifically images of people. For the most part I am self taught. I got my first job in commercial art at the age of 20. I had a 40 year career in advertising as a Senior Art Director and Associate Creative Director. 

At fifty I was looking for a new challenge and took up bronze sculpting at the Minnetonka Center for the Arts. My first teacher was Nick Legeros—a student of one of Minnesota's most renowned sculptors Paul Granlund—who's own resume included being taught by a student of August Rodin. In 1999 I won the Judges Selection in the Member's juried Show for "Deborah."

After retiring we moved to North Central Minnesota and currently live on a lake who's northern border is Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge—I have found a new subject—birds—and have devoted my time to mastering the medium of pastels.

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