INTEGRATIONInstantly send your sales to FinerWorks for printing, framing and shipping. Orders are automatically dropshipped under your brand!


MS Excel

Import your orders direct from an excel spreadsheet. Download our template and request access when you are ready.



Our Shopify app allows you to transmit your Shopify orders to us directly. If you exclusively use Shopify and do not plan to sell using other systems, then the Shopify app should suffice.


Order Desk

Recommended Bring together all your orders from a wide range of shopping carts and market places and send them to FinerWorks for processing. Perfect regardless if you have a single Etsy shop or are selling your artwork using a number of platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, Ebay, etc), OrderDesk connects your orders with FinerWorks.

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Custom (API)

If you like to write code and want to create your own custom integration for your app or website, our API has everything you need.

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Transfer JPG, TIF, BMP images files to your uploads for printing from your Dropbox account.

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Find and print from millions of high quality, high resolution images at no additional cost to you.

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