ICC Profiles

Currently there is no ICC profile available for this particular media. This might be due to the media not being able to be profiled or we think the profile needs to be updated.

In cases where a media cannot be profiled it is usually because the surface can be inconsistant as is the case with our wood prints. For a profile to be created you need to have a consistant blank surface free of blemish or color graduations.

Creating and developing media profiles can be a complicated process. In ideal circumstances a profile will be mapped to a specific printer based on the inks and media it uses.  This means for a profile to be optimal it should only be used on a single printer even if you have multiple printers of the same model like we do. However because we cannot reliably know which particular printer your prints will be printed on out of our fleet of printers we typically offer the manufacturers recommended profile. While this will not be as accurate as as a profile created for an individual printer, the difference is so small that it would be rare that you see a difference from printer to printer of the same model on the same media.

Please contact us if you require additional information. 

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