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Heather Oelschlager

Thanks for checking out my gallery! You'll find my traditional photgraphy, photo art, watercolor paintings, and ink/pencil art here. You can order directly from my gallery. (U.S. orders only). If you are interested in ordering a giclee print that you do not see available immediately (such a particular size or print medium, please email me to let me know and I will work with you to fulfill your order.) If you prefer a professional print on photographic paper instead of a giclee, please visit my website and select the PORTRAIT/PRINT COLLECTIONS link to get to my gallery. These will have no white border for matte framing like the giclee's do.

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Whether it's photography, painting, drawing, writing, sewing, embroidery, beading, cooking, making collages...if it's creative in any way I'll probably try it if I haven't already. Being a classic Gemini I need a lot of variety when it comes to keeping interested and occupied so my many ventures give me a creative outlet between my client consultations and the workshops I teach. As with anything else in life this is a journey which allows me to keep exploring and experimenting. What can be better than that?!

My book THROUGH the BLUE DOOR: A Medium's Guide to Ultra-Sensory Meditation & Journaling is available now on and Kindle. You can find it at

All images in this gallery, Copyright © 2018, Heather L. Oelschlager. Images may not be copied/saved/reproduced by any means. IE: Please don't steal my stuff, no matter how low res, it's just not cool, and karma's a @#$%^&.


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