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Partnership Program

Offer the same custom frames and framing as your local frame shop. Our framing partnership program allows galleries, photo labs, gift shops and more to offer custom framing to their buyers using our turn-key solution. With over 200 styles available on our website and thousands of others in our catalog, we have a comprehensive to offer.

Is it for My Company?

We offer art galleries, photo labs, gift shops and other retail businesses that sell prints or artwork another stream of revenue. With our wholesale frame pricing, your businesses can set a profitable markup. It allows you to offer the same styles and name brand frames, found at your local custom frame shops.

  • Art galleries
  • Photo labs
  • Gift shops
  • Others where art and prints are sold

How it Works

An online portal will allow you to create a frame design and give a quoted price with your markup.

The order is sent to us in San Antonio, TX where the frame is cut and joined. We also cut the glazing and mats if needed. Hanging hardware is provided.

Your work order is completed and sent to you where you drop in your customer's work and seal up the backing. The hanging system (hardware provided in kit) is then attached so you can provide it ready-to-hang.

Typical turnaround times quoted to point of sale customers is usually 2-3 weeks. Provided molding is in stock this can be 2 weeks from point of sale order date.


  • A physical retail location
  • A place to showcase your frame samples
  • A designated area to physically insert artwork in frame

Minimal Investment

Investment is minimal, typically to cover the cost of a few hand tools and any corner samples of frames and mats you want to show your customers and put on display.


Can I offer only a few frames like 1 or 2?

Yes, since there is no minimum or manximum number of frame profiles you can offer.

Do you have frame styles not listed on your site?

Yes, our framing department actually offers thousands of frame moulding styles not listed on our website. If there is a style you are looking for, chances are we offer it or can find one almost identical and make it available to you.

Do you also provide mats?

Yes, you can order mats cut on demand. These are digitally cut to precision.

Do you have an option for online businesses?

Yes, we offer wholesale pricing on our frames already. You can order these online and have them dropshipped to you or your customer. If your frame orders exceed a few a day, or you need to stock them in bulk, contact us for additional options.


If you are interested in our program, please fill out the following application.

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