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Jennifer L. Norman - Artist
Traditional Artist

Jennifer L Norman

As a child I always loved to draw, color, and paint. I went through something traumatic as a child so my art helped me cope.

As a teenage I was always involved in art classes in school. I won several awards such as Scholastic Gold Keys and Congressional Contests. My senior year of high school I focused on my art which prepare me for college. I was asked by my art teacher to design my classes graduation program, I felt very honored to do this.

In 1992, I attended Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts majoring in Graphic Design, 1994 I received an associates degree. At graduation I received the award Who’s Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges.

After college I held a couple jobs as a computer illustrator, I created illustrations for encyclopedias and books. After that I was laid off for two years. When I was 26, I started working at the Commonwealth of PA. I was there for 16 years before loosing my job. Even though losing my job was difficult and a blow to my confidence, I did not let it get me down. Instead I looked at it as though God had given me the opportunity of a lifetime. I am now able to pursue my dream of becoming an artist.

God has also given me a wonderful, caring and supportive husband who has also helped me to pursue my dreams. I can say I am truly blessed by God because he has allowed me to pursue my dreams. For that I am truly grateful.

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