Important These addons are applied at the time of production after an order is placed and not preserved for future orders of the same print. Because some enhancements or addons may be done by different members of our production team you may see slightly differing results if you were to order this again on the same image in a future order.

Minor Retouch

For a flawless finish, opt for our Minor Touch-Up services. For removal of such things as date-stamps, red-eye, minor dust, as well as  minor scratches and blemishes, our Art Department will remove your photo's minor flaws in order to produce a masterpiece on canvas.

Price: $29.95

Only pay $29.95 more when you order a print.

How to Instant Order

To order this effect upload your photo and select the printing options you want. When you are adding your print to your cart, you will be given the opportunity to select this as an optional enhancement. Then just check out. That is all there is too it!


For additional questions on any part of this service please e-mail us through our contact page or call at (800) 567-8594 M-F 10AM to 5PM CT.


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