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Custom Shaped Prints

Custom-shaped or contour-cut prints are available as an add-on to a number of our print options. These include more than stickers & labels. Now it includes print products such as our Dibond Metal Prints, Chromaluxe HD Metal Prints, and Wood Prints. Additional items may be added in the future. 

Default Shapes

We have a number of default shapes you can choose or you may want to prepare your file so it can be a custom shape. These preset shapes will be fitted within the size you order. For best results, choose sizes that are in a square aspect ratio since most of the preset shapes we offer are close to being square in shape. See the example below.
File Ok - but will have more cropping to fit the shape
Better - Optimal
In this example, an image sized 24x16" will work,
however, a good portion of your image will be
cropped to fit within the space of the shape.
In this example a 16x16" image may be better since hardly any of the image will be
cropped outside of the shape.

Custom Shapes

Within our library of custom shapes, you may not find what you are looking for. In this case, you can choose a custom shape from the add-on option in POST. But in order for this to work, your image file must meet the following criteria:

  • The uploaded image must be a TIF or PNG
  • The image must have transparent regions for anything you want a cutaway

To properly prepare your file you will need to utilize a software program like Photoshop and save your file as a TIF or PNG with a transparent background.

Please note that highly complex intricate shapes or cuts may not be possible, especially if the detail is too fine. For instance, artwork consisting of a full profile of a person will have less detail cut out when sized to fit within the proportions of roughly an 8x10 versus when sized to fit within a 16x20. So, essentially the amount of actual detail that can be cut out will be dependent upon the size of the final piece.

File with transparent backgroundWhen submitting custom contour cut stickers or other print products offering a custom contour cut, please make sure you submit a TIF or PNG with a transparent background for areas you want to be cut away. For products such as contour cuts, highly complex or intricate cuts may not be fully possible in some instances.

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