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Gallery of Michael Bridges, Surrealist

Michael D. Bridges

I am a self-taught artist, who at an early age showed a talent for art. From elementary through junior high school, I drew comic books and comic book characters. In senior high school, I was introduced to the art of Salvador Dali, it was then that I decided to become a fine arts painter. My main interest as a painter is in surrealism as you can tell from my works.

My interest in the arts doesn't stop at painting, I'm also a self-taught musician who played in bands and wrote and performed my own songs. In 1997, I went back to my comic book roots, publishing my own comic book titled "Area 13".

I have also combined my painting talent with my first love of comic book art and I sometimes do comic book character paintings. I'm not a famous artist and probably never will be, but I am doing the art that I love doing and there are people out there that love it enough to buy it.

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