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Michael J. Williams

Hi, my name is Michael Williams. I truly enjoy shooting pictures. While I started out in front of the camera, many moons ago, I inevitably became interested in the world behind the camera. In high school, I soon realized that my role in sports was better served by taking pictures then scoring points. The coach must have realized this when he made me the team photographer. This allowed me to take pictures and travel with the team. I also learned to process film the old fashioned way; by hand with a tank and a timer. When I joined the Military, I purchased my first camera (a Yashica Mat-124G); my most prized possession at the time. When the guys in the dorm approached me to take pictures of them to send home to their families, I embraced the opportunity. “A photographer was born.” While the guys were very appreciative of me showing their moms and dads what was going on in the service, I used the experience to learn and
experiment taking candid pictures, portraits and scenic pictures of the base and surrounding areas where we were stationed.

I spent my Military career overseas, so sending photographs home, at the time, was one of the best ways for my parents and my friends’ parents to get an idea of what life was like in the military. I soon found myself being as passionate about photography as I was about my military duties. As I progressed in the military I was asked to take pictures during Awards Ceremonies and later for the Base’s News Paper. I soon setup a small studio and took family portraits for military families overseas. This was a very rewarding and enjoyable experience. It allowed grandparents to see their grand kids who were far away from home. After retiring from the military, I tried my hand at shooting candids at the local Boys and Girls Club where I volunteered. Again, very rewarding and lots of fun.

I guess I can’t leave out the one event which changed my photographic life forever “Hurricane Katrina”. I knew I was going to evacuate for a couple of days, so I gathered up my photo equipment, broke everything down, and placed them neatly away in their storage area; a storage chest in the back of my closet, on the first floor of my house. Well, three weeks later I happily returned home, to find everything, including my beloved Photography equipment, destroyed. A heart breaker. Well, it’s almost ten years later, and
I am making a comeback. I’ve set up a still-life studio on the second floor of my home. I once again have started to generate photos. Life is beautiful, and I intend to capture this beauty with my camera and share it with whoever appreciates beauty.

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