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Arron Kirkwood

Art of Arron
Houston, TX

Arron Kirkwood is basically a self taught artist, though studied at Ohio State University, this artist truly gives his love for art first to the glory of God for giving him this natural talent (gift) and then to his childhood mentors such as the renowned artist Marvin Vines to whom gave Arron his first lesson in art at the original Fredrick Douglas Center in his home town of Toledo, Ohio Arron loves to paint people in various different circumstances and arena's. Mainly family from the past to the present. Also as a muralist he loves create scenes that depicts a story line either to the community that he is painting the mural within or the history of the client which the mural is commissioned for.;This artist loves life and painting people of the present or the past is his greatest passion. Hopefully one day he'll be blessed to paint you or your story. For Life in itself is Art just view the miraculous canvass that God created to which we live within.


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