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Annie J. Moran

Annie Moran
New Orleans, LA

Captivated by natural beauty and driven by a desire to preserve that beauty through visual re-creation and ecologically-conscious production, Annie Moran is an artist and designer whose playfully elegant style takes form through many disciplines.

Born in the storied rural settlement of Cane River, Louisiana, Annie wields paint brushes, pencils, needles and torches to create her unique aesthetic. She channels her ancestral connection to the land, her endless attraction to urban space, and her passion for recreating the beauty that she perceives in both environs into her creative practice.

Painting, creating surface patterns, designing jewelry, fashion and graphics, Annie has been thriving as a working artist for 14 years. Upon receiving her BFA from Louisiana State University, she immediately thrust herself into New York City’s competitive fashion accessory design field. There she worked as an assistant designer for luxury handbag brand Kooba before striking out on her own as a freelance designer.

Freelancing allowed Annie time for world travel – through which she immersed herself in foreign cultures and soaked up the beauty that each new destination offered. Meanwhile, she continued to design for top brands (Kate Spade, Henri Bendel, Coach and Ugg – to name only a few).

Taking an extended hiatus from NYC and its stresses, Annie landed for a while in the bohemian Santa Teresa neighborhood of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. There she was exposed to new sights, smells, and textures in the flora and fauna of the Brazilian landscape that now heavily influence her artistic expression (and she became fluent in Portuguese).

Annie returned to New York City in 2010 but longed to find a space that combined the even-keeled rhythm and natural beauty of her small-town southern home with urban convenience. That desire inspired her move to the cultural Mecca of New Orleans where she currently resides spending Sunday afternoons at second lines or family dinners and the other 6.5 days of the week realizing the personal creative projects that life in New York had kept her from.


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