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Sharon K. Shubert, Artist
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Sharon K. Shubert

I'm a Christian artist working from my home studio in Texas. God has blessed me with many creative talents and I'm so happy to share some of them with you here at

I feel that a visible part of my soul transpires through each of my artworks. ART has been my number one passion since childhood. I work with multiple media, including both traditional and digital resources. I knew from the age of 7 that I was an artist and writer and I can recall announcing it, but don't know where the information came from because I had never been exposed to anyone working in either profession. The talents came naturally though and I embraced them wholeheartedly.

I have been showing and selling my art online since 2000. I work in several different art mediums including but not limited to:

digital art
watercolor painting
acrylic painting
pyrography (aka woodburning) (on wood, salt dough, leather and paper)
polymer clay sculpture
salt dough sculpture
mixed media paintings
paper arts
India Ink on glass with gold foil

My work is mostly centered around wildlife and is rustic, earthy and expressive. I enjoy working with unique compositions, textures and bold color. Much of my artwork is inspired by my walks on the beach at the lake where I lived for over 15 years, Lake Texoma. I love to observe the wildlife there. It brings me peace and contentment and is a big inspiration for not only my art but also my writing.

I don't have just one specific style. I have ideas that I put into bold, colorful compositions. I make art out of pure insight, passion and drive. My style has no format or genre to follow. I do not like to be labeled as only one kind of artist. I just make the art that I see in my mind's eye and what I feel needs to be expressed.

My life-long interest in the Southwest and Native American totem animals has a big influence in a lot of my artwork in various mediums.

My music instrument artworks are are some of my most popular. Inspired by singing all of my life in choirs, duets, solo performances, trios, quartets and groups.

I have enjoyed writing since childhood and some of my work has been published in books and magazines. Several of my artworks have also been published in recent years.

Other passions in my life are God, my family, cooking, baking, creating recipes in my kitchen, the nearby lake where I go to be inspired and picnic in the great outdoors, home decorating, reading, fishing, gardening and collecting unique vintage home decor.

Contact me if you are interested in commissioning an artwork. I answer email daily.

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