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The Wonder of Light and Color
Traditional Artist

Sara Jordan

SJ Art
Bryan, TX

Since I can remember, I've drawn. I was raised in the Big Thicket area between Saratoga, TX and Kountze, TX. I grew up admiring nature, being active, and loving learning. After graduating high school, I attended Sam Houston State University. My intentions were to join a campus ministry and pursue a career that involved writing and biology. (I had wanted to work for National Geographic magazine.) However, I attended a Christian student conference for Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship in Dallas, TX. I attended a workshop called, "Worshipping God with the Arts." The guest speaker was a member of the worship band, "Enter the Worship Circle." While he was speaking, he said, "If you're not using the gift God gave you, you are being prideful." That struck my heart, and I returned to art.

I majored in Studio Art and minored in Art History and Spanish at Sam Houston State University. I graduated with Highest Honors in Studio Art, having completed an undergraduate thesis about my artistic journey. I had my art displayed on campus for a Senior Show and later in local businesses in Huntsville, TX. I later taught art in a private Christian school in Huntsville, and then for two years at a public middle school in Bryan, TX.

I enjoy painting the most with media such as acrylic, oil, and watercolor. I also make drawings in charcoal, oil and chalk pastel, graphite, pen, ink and create collages from from material or painted/textured papers. Subject-wise, I paint the beauty I see as light and color move together in nature, people, architecture, animals, still life, and faith-inspired imagined images. I seek balance, harmony, and contrasts in my compositions to satisfy what I believe, behold, and feel. I know there are hardships and have experienced many I couldn't have endured without Jesus, so I seek to re-create the dignity and wonder I see through my faith in Him.

I love to make art as gifts, and it used to be hard for me to put a price on my work. Now, I realize I can use my gift to support myself and others. Creating art is another form of expressing the joy I've been given.

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