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Whispermask Designs and Photography
Digital Artist

Rebecca A. Wiese

I enjoy designing imagery and layouts for print and web, and doing art on basically any other medium people will let me color on, including the human body. For me, art and design are about communication; communicating an idea, or a memory, or a feeling, all through the medium of the eye. And the most important part of communication is listening, not speaking... which is why I love to both design for and photograph other people, capturing the essence of their ideas in a way that reflects my own unique perspective.

I was initially drawn into the world of design through my love of digital art and photomanipulation, so picking up a camera in my Sophomore year was a natural artistic progression. I most enjoy portrait photography, especially creative studio and themed photos with creative props, hair, and makeup. And as always, I still maintain my abiding love for creative photo editing.
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