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Raphael Nebula
San Antonio, TX

Clarence is the artist. He studied art and costume design in college, and before really getting into serious artwork working with acrylic, oils, and watercolors, had established himself as a highly respected cosmetologist known for his ability to create a unique look for each and every customer, while maintaining the individual's personality and vibrant lifestyle. For over fifty years, he has practiced his craft in the arena of master hair designer, cosmetology instructor, Instructional Chair for the Barber/Cosmetology Department of Milwaukee Area Technical College and state board examiner for the Wisconsin Cosmetology Board. He is also a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master (RM) and has excelled in motivating and inspiring others through his sensitive approach by sharing his knowledge and expertise; now continuing through his artwork which is a spiritual and loving journey.

Ricardo is the photographer. He studied music and English at the University of Wisconsin and in earlier years was active in theater arts, winning the best actor award for his portrayal of Randall, in William Hanley’s play, “Slow Dance on the Killing Ground” at the Duluth Playhouse in Duluth, Minnesota. He was lead vocalist in a music group that performed throughout the Midwest and East coast; spent more than nine years working at the Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, for the Center for AIDS Intervention Research, helping to keep individuals aware of the need to protect themselves and also worked for several years at the University of Arizona’s Human Subject Protection Program in Tucson as an Institutional Review Board Coordinator. His work is a collection of the beauty of life.


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