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Patty Iba Art & Design

Patty Nunn Iba

Patty Iba Art & Design
Lake Forest, CA

As many kids do, I loved art. I created pictures and things that made me happy. In high school as Editor of the yearbook staff, I realized putting words and images together in a creative way was called “graphic design” and that made me even happier because I had discovered my career! After graduating from college I spent many years getting paid for being creative and helping clients solve their visual communication and marketing needs. My main tool was the computer, but then came another “Aha!” moment. I had picked up a paintbrush to play with some colors to see what would happen and it was REALLY fun! It was just me and my paints and I felt like a kid again! I haven't stopped drawing and painting since and now I want to share my art with you. It’s not meant to be perfect or complicated, it’s meant to be simple and fun and comes from a happy place. I hope it puts a smile on YOUR face, not just mine!

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