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Paintings by Voice
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Michaels Lyric

Welcome to Michaels Lyric art, Paintings by Voice! Looking for Michaels Lyric the book series? Please visit

If you are searching for a truly special gift, whether it is for yourself or someone else, search no more! It does not get more unique than Michaels Lyric!!

Every masterpiece painting is always a center of a great conversation but only a few are the stuff of legends, and those few are the most significant stories of humankind.

All of the paintings are produced with no physical touch. As an author, Michael is recognized as the world's 1st to write and publish a book by using only voice, since 1998. The book series was featured in major Press, praised by icons and celebrities. Just like the book series, these paintings are created just by using voice commands that are understood only by Michael's computer, through vigorous training. This is not done as a gimmick. Due to a physical disability of Cerebral Palsy, talking to a computer is the only way Michael can create art.

For serious collectors, an original Canvas is the perfect choice. Museum quality Canvas (to last 150 years or more) and archival ink will make your one of a kind painting a treasure to behold. Your painting is professionally stretched, mounted and framed (with hanging wire); ready to be displayed. After you receive the piece that you have chosen, it will never be reproduced on Canvas, again. Your painting will say, "1/1," directly on Canvas. As a thank you and to reinforce the authenticity, you will also receive the latest version of the world's 1st book series. Since Michael is not able to hand sign the book, you will get a special copy, with a page that is dedicated to you.

For casual collectors, Gallery-Grade Fine Art Paper or an Acrylic reproduction would be ideal for home or business settings. A Fine Art Paper painting will give you a traditional, gallery feel, with warmth and rich ambience. Your Fine Art Paper piece is professionally framed and mounted behind UV, anti-glare protection. An Acrylic painting will deliver a modern, metropolitan look, with bright, most vivid colors. Your Acrylic artwork will be mounted, covered with anti-glare protection, and ready to be displayed. Of course, everything is created with Archival ink, for decades, and even, centuries of enjoyment.

No matter the budget, you can have Michaels Lyric artwork!

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