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Rebeca Rambal

Rebeca Rambal has been a household name in the Latinamerican entertainment industry for many years. Third generation of a film and theater dynasty, Rebeca acquired her own fame following her family tradition until she decided to explore another talent stemming from her Italian side of the family, where musicians and artists abounded. She left Hollywood and show business behind and moved to Washington State to reinvent herself as an artist and photographer. Rambal has chosen to tell her story through the tip of colored pencils, presenting complex and amazingly happy, detailed and bright colored creations that, as she says, "Make up the pages of the brand new book that is now my life". She calls her art "Rambalings", but her own brand of neo pop artistry will soon join the ranks of fabulous artists who have served as her inspiration, such as Carlos Irygoyen Murillo, Romero Brito and Takashi Murakami.

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