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Lily Francoise

Lily Francoise has been painting all her life; however, it is a passion she has just recently started to dedicate all her time to. She has a world of contrasting impressions, flavors, and influences to draw inspiration from, as she not only grew up in a household of contrasting cultures, but also lived in yet many others.Born to a Swiss father and a Dutch mother of Belgian-French descent born in Indonesia, she was from a very young age presented with very different sets of values on opposing sides of the spectrum. This was reinforced, when faced with a family mishap, the family left the pristine, impeccable and perfect world of the resort town of Gstaad, nestled in the Swiss Alps, for the vibrant, colorful, and chaotic life of the Caribbean islands of Jamaica, Curacao, Puerto Rico and Barbados, where she spent her preteen years. The family then moved on to South America, settling in Venezuela where it remained for at least a decade. The challenge of harmonizing various worlds into one was thus further impressed into her personality and the balancing between various opposing worlds can be seen in many of her paintings: there is a constant vibrancy and joie de vivre yet in a very balanced and tranquil setting. Her studies in the field of architecture, which she undertook in the US, further accentuate this equilibrium and respect for order so present in her art.

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