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The Art of J E Wright
Traditional Artist

Joanna E Wright

JW Bronze Art
Williamsburg , VA

As a child in England I spent hours of my time drawing and painting ponies; I could never have known that gift of genetic creativity would be like a constant and never leaving companion.

I left England in 2006 an now live in the beautiful town of Williamsburg Virginia. There are so many inspirations here for an artist that I have only just started to explore. I am a busy mother of 3 and as a result have more ideas than time to produce them. I have alway painted....what came later was sculpture which has given me even more scope and enjoyment as an artist. My work has been exhibited in galleries local to Williamsburg and I have sold a number of works in the UK and the USA.

Because I have spent so much of my life around horses, they are very often the subject of my art. I love to work with dogs of all breeds and offer portrait commissions in either painting form or bronze sculpture.

I am currently working on a range of paintings that I call the 'mysteries by knife'. I create these paintings with absolutely no preconception for how it will turn out or even what it will be. I come to the canvas with nothing but an urge to create and a box of acrylics.

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