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GrayBirds Art
Digital Artist

Jen Gray

Graybirds Art
Hutsonville, IL

Synesthete | Chromesthete | Auraesthete | Aesthete
Music for Your Eyes | Bringing Sounds and Environments to Life Through Art
When you see it, what do you hear?

I see the colors of music & moods. I paint them.

Having Chromesthesia and Ambient Aura Synesthesia, the world I experience is a kaleidoscope of complex layers composed of vivid colors, passionate music, and vivacious emotional energies. I recognize my fortune in this gift and feel inspired to share it with others. Creating digital art is my humble attempt to translate the beauty of my unique perspective. My works are an extension of my hyper-aware senses.

Chromesthetic Art - How I Do It:
I listen to music in a private, isolated environment and create artwork influenced by the colors I experience and other elements of the music.

Ambient Aura Art - How I Do It:
I attend live events (concerts, gigs, studio sessions, etc...) and create art influenced by the audio and aura of the environment.

Though my niche is Synesthetic digital art, I also create Non-Synesthetic, traditional, and mixed media works. I do some concert photography.

Private and corporate commissions accepted. Contact for inquiries.

My works have general mass appeal, and may be especially appealing to bands, musicians, music fans, music industry professionals, agents, managers, club owners, venue owners, event promoters, media professionals, and art consultants.

My works are typically vibrant, colorful, and full of energy. They're excellent for album covers, merchandise, marketing and promotional materials, gifts, wall art, and other home or office decor.

Currently seeking to partner with an ambitious art consultant and marketing agent. Know someone who would love my work and is up for the challenge of my niche? Send them my way!

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