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Gallery of David Medeiros, Artist and Photographer

David Medeiros

The Medeiros Gallery
San Juan Bautista, CA

Welcome and please join me as we share our artistic appreciation viewing the works before you at this fine establishment or while visiting my gallery web site at Enjoy the mastery of photo images enhanced by computer technology, artistic vision, and inspiration. As an artist and photographer my impressions and vision of nature, whether with the brush or digital camera, I am happiest with Landscapes, Seascapes, Portraits, Still Life, Architecture, Animals, People, and the plein-air experience.
As far back as I can remember I have always been inspired by the visual arts. Design, shapes, color, and composition, I see within nature a drawing or painting or photo image waiting to unfold and reveal something more than reality. Currently I have leaned towards photography and computer enhanced images where I create and share my artistic vision of the world around us. I pretty much work alone and get a lot of support from my family and friends.
I am a native of central California with a degree in Fine Arts, Art History, and Education from the University of California, Santa Cruz. I have been working very hard to share my work with the public, and now through the technology of web hosting and from this establishment, here we are!
I hope you enjoy each piece at the gallery and please visit us often.
Thank you, Dave!

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