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Gladys Helena Beltran Posada

Cities of Libertad
Greenacres, FL

Gladys Helena Bertrán Posada
The pseudonym that I use for my paintings, Libertad the Name of my soul. Libertad means freedom, the freedom of writing my life, my bibliography in colors and shapes. Libertad to do the works of love and for love, because my body came from South America Colombia, but my soul came from where all the souls came from, and it is my soul that wants to be in the canvas and write about our souls. My art work is my happiness, and it is my way to expresses my feelings and the feelings of the community. I talk about community because if the community does not exist, I not exist.
Love on earth: evolution of my blue point in meditation.
I express myself through art because it is my way to write my bibliography, I am writing from this country my home today about my existence and my spirit is conscious of the beautiful planet where we live and of the marvelous and rich immensity that surrounds our planet. I am conscious of the secrecy of the life living in everybody. I am conscious of being owners of the closest universe to explore; our minds. When I am painting, I am exploring a journey through
My mind. This is one way to know myself. I am
writing with colors the bibliography of my soul that
does not got old, it gets younger while finding the
Source from where it came; not the bibliography
of the journey of my body. Painting interior or exterior spaces is a vehicle to explore my own interior space. When I am painting, I am painting the answers to my own life's questions. I do find answers and questions to my own existence. My purpose is to find what is valuable during my temporal existence. When I am painting I like to feel the life of my soul vibrating inside my flesh. I like to feel the swirl of happiness that takes me to other worlds in which peace and wisdom have their kingdoms in places in my mind, and my purpose is to find those places through the shapes colors and perspectives of my art manifestation. My purpose is to develop my sleeping brain, and build bridges in my mind.
I want other people to see my work, to walk around my spaces and find their own spaces as well.

As an important part of my soul biography I do include this two texts.
Washington with Love
Michelle Grabner wrote: There is an enchanting realism to Gladys Beltran”s paintings that doesn’t originate from the outer eye. Instead, Beltran’s carefully observed pictures record the idealized and ideological landscape of America. Its values, as represented in a series of paintings that depict the parks, monuments, civic buildings, and vistas of our nation's capital, are for Colombia-born Beltran located in the many freedoms afforded to its people. Beltran sets out to memorialize those inalienable rights, built on dignity and respect, which are denied much of the world's population."
Miami under the sun
Gladys Beltran has a passionate yet uncritical attachment to American History. By history I don’t mean to say that her work is a succession of specific events or personalities. She’s more concerned with the how of remembering. Beltran’s paintings are fisheye lens landscapes of Washington, DC and other spaces of this country that show how America represents its national narratives by enclosing them in monument-containers that are constructed with clarity of order at edifying scales.
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