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Ginette Callaway

Life inspires me. Nature. Everyday Objects. Things that interest me.
I am a Renaissance women and a hopeless romantic.
I am inspired by dreams of life as I want it to be, beautiful, peaceful, benign and adventures.
Creativity was already in my blood. Interestingly I don’t know anyone in my family who painted. But I picked up colors and even oil paint very early. For school I did elaborate drawing no matter if it was for history class or biology, I embellished every report with my drawings, if they wanted it or not.

Today as a professional artist, I paint because it makes me perfectly happy. I simply cannot imagine doing anything else, all the time. To have a blank piece of paper or canvas, to use to create my own world, my own vision, my own interpretation of something I saw, see or feel is just about the most fulfilling and exhilarating thing I could do. So that drives me to paint.

I may take out a camera to shoot a pictures of, say a flower, but in my head I already see this flower becoming something else, I see distortion, I see simplification, I see change of color, in my mind’s eye I make it up and then I transpose it onto paper or canvas. I may take a picture of a landscape but I already know that there will be more trees, more sunshine or less, painting allows me to be creator of my world.

That is the best way I can describe why I paint. What I paint is what is interesting to me. That can be a landscape, a flower, a thing, a memory, an animal, if it interests me I paint it. ~Ginette


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