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Errick D. Freeman

Being Innovative and original is the way I find my solstice, my humility, and my thoughts outside the box...

Natural selection is the reason for it. Ever since I started using random materials as parts and base of work, I've found it thamaturgic. As the years went on, the process has become more refined in it's way with me. Taking me from crafting to artisan. I was a featured artist on Juxtapose Magazines' website. I've also been featured in the local newspaper of my hometown a few times.

Working and creating fulfills me with achievement and sincerity, and has affirmed a workable transport for decoding my slant to the lean; my intellect to the bewilderment.

A lot of my recent works are a reflection of a childhood crafting experience. I've been rediscovering wood-burning, but now I'm stylizing and recreating the preplanned planks into my own ideas and designs. It's called pyography. I'm now doing portraits, graphic and abstract designs in many different types of wood. I'm creating ideas for floor, door, yard fence, and patios. Sometimes I use the natural grain of the wood for inspiration, and my staining technique allows me to have an infinite pallet of color, both opaque and translucent. The lot of these works are subtitled “Against the grain, stories of the wood”.


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