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EarthPortraits by Brittingham

B.A. Brittingham

EarthPortraits by Brittingham
St. Joseph, MI

B.A. Brittingham is mesmerized by two worlds (beyond the one seen by most of us everyday): that of words and the space inhabited by unforgettable images.
As both an author and photographer, Brittingham investigates these dual realities. Each adds to, or defines the other---words instill images with layers of meaning, many of which are not apparent to the eye; imagery is often the starting point from which the mind begins its excursions.
Born and raised in the “Big Apple,” Brittingham spent twenty-six years in South Florida before moving to the Lake Michigan southeastern coastal region.
Published books are Journeys, Pilgrimages in the Aftermath and Fugitive Moment.
Photographic images are both film and digital with the richness of color being balanced by the stark authenticity of black and white in its many variations.
We hope you’ll spend a few minutes cyber-strolling in this gallery and derive some personal meaning, as well as, a measure of satisfaction and joy from your trip there.


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