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Abbyanna Gehrke Fine Art
Traditional Artist

Abbyanna Gehrke

I was raised in San Rafael and Benicia, California, surrounded by the natural beauty of redwood trees and rolling hills of the area. As a mostly self taught artist, I am always working to improve my methods. I love the more traditional style of art, especially that of the late 1800's, which is a large influence on what I choose to paint.

I began painting pet portraits and now enjoy producing portraits of all of my customer's loved ones. I work in a painterly style conveying more than a photographic image emphasizing the essence of my subjects. I aspire to provide my clients with a unique piece of artwork that will be a source of joy for themselves and their families.

Please check out my website, You can see a wider variety of my paintings, including my digital paintings and abstracts on my Facebook page. If you are interested in the process, check out my instagram account.

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