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Imani's Dream Collection LLC
Digital Artist

Crystal Imani

Welcome To Imani's Dream Collection

Artist Crystal Imani
Detroit Michigan native hobby artist, photographer and occasional art student .
Imani's Dream Collection has been a work in progress and passion since the 90's.
I share my own unique fusion of painting, photography and digital art to create this high vibrational art.
Having worked in the healing arts for almost 20 years I have a desire to convey positive images and messages with the hope of instigating thought for a more sincere connection to our soul and the natural world we live in.
There is such a magical connection to the stunning beauty in nature intertwined with our own spiritual nature, no matter what path you choose to walk to achieve that higher way of thinking, feeling and relating to yourself and others I hope Imani's Dream Collection will inspire you personally and grace your space just the same.

With Much Gratitude
Crystal Imani

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