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This artist has not yet updated connected their FinerWorks account with Geo Galleries.
If you are the artist, please JOIN Geo Galleries by connecting your FinerWorks account to Geo Galleries below.


  • You control the images by uploading what you want to sell as giclee fine art paper prints, canvases and more.
  • Average 66% in royalties on print sales
  • 10% residual earnings on any framing products and services.
  • Geo Galleries uses FinerWorks for order fulfillment.
  • Receive monthy / weekly payouts.
  • You get your own Geo Galleries URL (example:<)
  • Access to names, addresses and email contacts of your buyers to build your own collectors’ database.
  • SEO options and social promotion.
  • Provided customer service.
  • You do not give up any rights to your art.
  • No exclusivity agreement, so you are free to sell via other channels and with other galleries.


  1. Do I give up any rights to my images?

  2. Will images be modified or color corrected?

  3. Can I decide what products are available for purchase?

  4. How will I get paid?

  5. How much does the artist make?

  6. Can I set my own prices?

  7. What happens when someone buys my print?

  8. How do I direct customers to my gallery?

  9. What is Virtual Inventory?

  10. How do you protect my images from being copied by someone else?

  11. Are there any fees involved to be a participating artist?

  12. What are the requirements to have my images shown on Geo Galleries?

  13. Can my buyers download my image from Geo Galleries?

  14. Am I contacted when a print sells?

Sell on Geo Galleries

Geo Galleries, a new service available to FinerWorks members, is a network of galleries where your art can be ordered in print and be automatically fulfilled by FinerWorks. You can transfer your existing FinerWorks gallery now, or start a gallery if you do not have one setup yet.

Connect to Geo Galleries

Video Walkthrough of Setup

If you need further help in setting up your Geo Galleries or to see how it works watch the below video: (note an update you must have 1000 characters on your bio to make it active - it should also be written in the third person and check for grammar and spelling.)

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