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Darren Terpstra

Darren Terpstra
Minneapolis, MN

Darren Terpstra is an artist/designer whose work comprises graphic art, painting, sculpting, photography and exhibit curation. He is a native of Minnesota where he also received his formal education in visual communication. Darren has been working professionally in the corporate and academic world of art and design for over 20 years. Says the artist, " After many years of developing my style and voice, I finally have the 'space' mentally and creatively to put my visual notions, musings and ideas on canvas, to create more enduring and less ephemeral art."

I believe art can still be beautiful, adhere to age old standards of line, shape, design, composition, color, texture, narrative and craftsmanship, and have relevant commentary for the viewer.

I love the 'art' of design and the truly graphic nature of illustration. I also have a passion for vintage images; illustrations, engravings, lithographs, and wood cuts that have been lost to the world, sequestered away in rare books. These things are an inspiration to me in their sheer beauty and brilliance.

One area that I've been focusing on recently, is researching and using rare archival images/materials in my art. By seeking out these old concrete images, and mixing them with new abstract/modern painted backgrounds, textures, shapes and sensibilities, I'm able to blur the boundaries between design, illustration, and fine art. This allows for the creation of new imagery, with a new visual narrative, for a new audience.

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