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Promoting Your Art on Facebook
By James M. Theopistos


Back when the Internet was much younger and I had more time to devout to my artwork, I spent a lot of it promoting. I did so by creating a mailing list of people who wanted to be notified when I created and posted something new on the website I had. This method still works but not as well as social media outlets such as Facebook.

When I first heard about Facebook shortly after the My Space craze began, my feeling was like many people, it would be another fad at most. I did not predict the growth or popularity until I noticed people started to dropping My Space and begin using Facebook. To be candid, I am not the most active user on Facebook but I have been following the trend of businesses using Facebook for the past few years.  Companies use it  to promote their products when they have something new to offer or they use to post specials and discount codes. I cannot do more than guess if it will continue being popular but regardless of its future I think that artists and photographers need to take a look at Facebook now as a way to promote their work from the same standpoint a business promotes their products. Notice I say promote their work and not promote themselves. Of course, artists need to continue focus on selling themselves, getting their name recognized  but why not do both.

If you do not know about the feature Facebook has and which businesses use, you need to know now. It used to be called a Facebook fan page but now is simply called a Facebook  page. It is administered by a Facebook account holder (which would be you) and is separate from your regular profile page which your friends see. Anyone can view what you post on the page and anyone can choose to follow the page by indicating they like the page. The great part about it is you don’t have to worry about administering your “likes” as you would with your Facebook “friends”.  People can easily come and go as they choose.

As an artist and page owner  you can post pictures, communicate with the people who like your page and hopefully start building a following. Personally I would focus on posting, and discussing each new work you have. Regularly link it to your website if you have one and be active on it.

The more often people see your posts, comment on them ,etc, the better chance you have in selling your work. Like many things in marketing, it can be a numbers game so take advantage of it while you can. It does not cost you anything but your time.

Category: Selling and Self Promotion
Created: Thursday, June 21, 2012, Last Updated: Thursday, June 21, 2012


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