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Ordering Tips

Quick Tips for Holiday Ordering

12/11/2016 - This year Christmas falls on a Sunday. This means you will want to make sure you have the bulk of your orders you need fulfilled placed about a week before Christmas. See our ordering deadlines for specific dates. Orders will be shipping via either the US Postal Service or UPS but keep in mind that weather conditions can delay a shipment and we cannot control this. Fortunately, services like UPS are working overtime this year to try to ensure delays are minimal. With that said, I have some recommendations for your Holiday ordering.

Getting the Best Wood Print Possible

2/18/2015 - How do you know if your image will look good on wood or not? All the images we have made into our new wood prints have looked fantastic! But we have seen some images really stand out above others. It has nothing to do with the image quality of the artwork or the photography. It has to do with the tones in the image. Fortunately we have invested a lot of time in testing the process which allows me to share with you what we have learned. If that is not enough, our print setup tool attempts to simulate a wood print before you order it so you can get a bit of a preview to help you decide.

Choosing a Canvas Mounting Style

1/10/2015 - One of the things that people appreciate the most about their images printed on canvas is the texture. The canvas texture alone can turn a typical photo into both a conversation piece and work of art. Art and photos printed onto canvas have even been mistaken for original paintings due to the organic feel and look. Since we offer a number of different styles ranging from artboard mounted prints to stretched and mounted prints we are frequently asked which canvas style should be chosen.

High Volume Offline Ordering

8/27/2014 - Did you know that you can order a run of giclee printing offline. One little known secret is FinerWorks, while being an online print on demand service for artists and photographers, also has an offline program. The offline program provides the flexibility for artists, curators, decorators and businesses needing large or massive print runs to place special orders they might otherwise not be able to on our website. The advantage to these larger runs is we are able to still offer volume pricing on other media types not available for online orders.

Canvas Prints without the Canvas

7/23/2014 - Our upcoming Archival Canvas Paper is a bright white matte paper which will be available within a few more days. This new paper is the same but texturized version of our popular Archival Matte Paper.

10 Things to Know About Canvas Prints

7/19/2014 - Canvas is a funny thing when it comes to printing. Over the years we have learned a lot about printing on this once hard to print on substrate. I say it was once hard to print on because your typical art supply store canvas is not able to receive inks well so canvas had to be made that could allow for photo quality reproductions. the means of printing on canvas we use today is relatively new. A bit over a decade ago when FinerWorks was started, canvas printing was still in the infancy stages with only a handful of suppliers offering good quality canvas for printing on to directly. Most notably was the major manufacturers such as HP and Epson which were starting to take the visual arts printing industry by storm with their newer and more capable large format printers. Photographers loved it because it made printing their photos on canvas easier and artist loved it because it opened up a new avenue for them to offer prints which looked closer to originals. But during that time there was little support on how to print on this particular media since few people had a whole lot of experience with it. This meant a hefty learning curve when it came to producing a canvas print ready to hang. But generally printing on canvas now days is no different than printing on any fine art media or photo stock. But when precision in printing is important, printing on a more dynamic media like canvas it does not hurt to be aware of how it is also different. Below I am going to share with you 10 points which may provide a better understanding on how to prepare your image and what to expect.

Print on Sunset Cotton Etching Fine Art Paper

10/2/2013 - Nothing like the month of October, one of my favorite months of the year. Living in south/central Texas Fall usually does not begin to hint it even exists until sometime this month so the change from upper 90s to lower 90s is always welcome. Of course any little change in the temperature in this region to a more comfortable level is always welcome. With Fall showing up it puts us in the mood at FinerWorks to add a new paper to our current lineup. In this case we are getting ready to add a fine art paper called Sunset Cotton Etching which bridges a gap between two of the most popular papers we offer.

How to Choose a Paper Type

8/10/2013 - An artist asked, “What kind of paper should I choose? I am just getting into printing and don’t know what type of paper to select. Can you help me?” Of all the questions we get, I have to put this at the top. As a giclee printing company, FinerWorks has carefully researched what people like and what people expect in a paper. Choosing a paper type which best reflects your image is really how you should approach this question. Determining which is the most appropriate for that image should be based on your own preferences, how well an image looks on the particular media you choose, and your customers preferences if known.

Choosing a Paper for Your Art Prints

5/25/2012 - When we talk to people direct, we try to go over three characteristics: Paper brightness, texture and reflectivity levels (glossy vs. matte).

Greeting Cards for Artists

5/24/2012 - If you have not considered offering greeting cards or folded cards for your artwork, you need to now. Cards are an easy sell at your next art show.

Rolled Prints Shipping Available

1/10/2012 - Requesting your prints be shipped rolled rather than flat is available.

About Printing on Metallic Paper

9/9/2011 - Here are some tips on what type of photos will best takes advantage of the Sunset Metallic Photo paper we offer.

Testing other Canvas Printers

9/6/2011 - We always encourage you to check out the competition when it comes to canvas printing. If they are doing something which better servers you and we are not, we want to know. Check out our list of what to look for in a canvas printing company.

Faded Prints and Low Ink Levels

8/11/2011 - The large format printers today no longer have a problem with the ink running out or low and it reflecting in a print's quality.

Archival Grade Prints - No Big Deal

8/9/2011 - It used to be saying you printed archival grade prints was a big selling point by fine art printers and a way to imply high quality but to be honest; today it is pretty much of a non-issue

Damaged Art and Photo Prints

8/5/2011 - Here is how you keep your customers happy and get replacement prints sent out if your customer receives a damaged package you had us ship.

Now offering Matboard Mounted Prints

8/1/2011 - Starting this week FinerWorks began to offer paper prints mounted on matboard for our customers that order Fine Art Paper, Satin Luster Paper, Metallic and Archival Matte Paper. So many customers have told us this is something they wished we did.

Loose Canvas Prints

7/30/2011 - Over time your canvas will become less tight and seem looser on the mounting frame. This is perfectly normal and fortunately since we use a poly-cotton blend the canvas will not become as loose as it would otherwise if we were using an all cotton canvas. Fortunately there is a simply fix.

Popular Frame Sizes

7/30/2011 - If you have spent much time at an art supply store's framing section you will see that a number of frame sizes exist but they seem to be limited.

Choosing the Correct Frame for your Print

7/25/2011 - Believe it or not. Many people don't think about these factors when purchasing a frame for a canvas or fine art print. To be frank, most drive-by frame purchases are based on the style of the frame as opposed to the environment in which the frame will be displayed or whether the frame accents the print.

Shipping Giclee Prints on Paper Flat

7/25/2011 - After careful evaluation and customer feedback we changed how we would ship paper prints. Starting early in 2011 we began to ship all of our giclee paper prints flat with the exception of very large prints.

Inkjet Print or a Lab Print

7/25/2011 - Here we look at some of the advantages to inkjet technology when it comes to photo prints. Many photographers are starting to move this direction and rightly so. This does not mean lab prints on Kodak papers are going to be phased out but it does imply how inkjet is taking over the photo printing industry.
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