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Speedier Checkout Options Available
By James M. Theopistos

We just made the quick checkout process a little quicker for those that choose to take advantage of it. Ordering your prints through FinerWorks does not require you to have an account but it is definitely recommended if you order prints frequently. One of the features many of our artists with accounts take advantage of is the Quick Checkout feature in their account. It allows storing of your name and address so you don’t have to retype it in each time you order.

As for submitting payment without having to enter a credit card each time, there are two options to help with this, both are totally optional. The first is to pay by PayPal. When selecting PayPal you will be prompted to login to PayPal to authorize this payment and then be brought back to FinerWorks where you can complete the process. We have had this ability for a long time now and over 30% of our customers use this method.

But according to many of our customers who prefer not to use PayPal, what was lacking was the the ability to keep other methods on file so they could bypass re-entering a card number each time they had to checkout. Now you can do this if you so choose.

First let me say that we don’t actually store your credit card number. To give some insight as to how it works, rather than store sensitive payment data, we are granted a special token code by the credit card processor in lieu of the actual card number. This happens instantaneously behind the scenes when you store a payment method. This code is meaningless by itself. But the credit card processing service will accept it in place of your credit card number, but only for transactions on the FinerWorks website. We will also display the last 4 digits of your card and expiration date so you can easily identify which card you stored or selected.

You are probably aware these last 4 numbers are printed all the time on paper receipts anytime you use your card at a store so are not considered sensitive in nature. Retailers and customers rely on these numbers as a way to quickly identify a card without divulging the entire card contents.

So since we do not store the card number, what happens when you place an order and select one of your cards you have on file? The website will lookup that special token code and use that instead of your card number. The transaction shows up on your credit card statement just like any other transaction.

Now keep in mind all this is optional. You don’t have to store a payment method if you don’t want to. If that describes you then nothing would change in how you checkout nor is your card stored as a payment method. But if you want to add cards to as a payment option, next time you checkout, just check the box below the credit card fields which prompt you to enter your credit/debit card details. You can also manage this direct through your Quick Checkout page in your account.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to drop us a message through our website by clicking on the “Support” or “Help” tab on the right side of the screen.

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Created: Wednesday, June 4, 2014, Last Updated: Wednesday, June 4, 2014


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