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New Fine Art Folded Greeting Cards
By James M. Theopistos

We are getting into custom card business. If you have used FinerWorks for sometime you may be familiar with the glossy photo folded cards we have offered through our partner lab in the past. Well now we have something better. We have discontinued those glossy cards for what we think is more in line with the needs of both artists and fine art photographers. These press printed cards are currently available in two fine art paper card stock, both with a matte surface. One has an a fine art linen texture and the other is a white matte paper.  Starting at $2.75 for a 3 1/2 x 5, they are affordable for even the reseller. We ship them direct from our San Antonio fine art printing facility rather than our partner lab. This usually means a quicker turnaround and no separate shipping when you also order a print on canvas or fine art paper.

No Minimum Required

What good would it do people if they had to order a whole bunch at a time. For that reason and to make it easy to include a card on the next order you want to drop ship to someone, you can order a single card. And if you want to order more, additional copies of the same card means lower cost per card just like additional copies of your giclee prints mean your cost per print is less.

Reseller Pricing

Since many of our customers are artists and photographers who are having their orders drop shipped, it does not make sense for us to charge retail prices for a single card. For that reason any cards you order start at a reasonable price point. Right now they start at $2.75 for a 3 1/2x5 and $2.95 for a 5x7. Basically for only a few dollars, it is easy to include with your next print order.

Include a Personalized Message

Rather than tell your customer's thank you on the packing slip when you drop ship an order, you can do so within a card. While we expect most artists and photographers will order their cards with the inside blank, the option is there if you choose.

Print Your Logo on the Back

Brand your cards with your company logo. No matter if it's just you and your art/photography business or you have a small company with employees, we want the cards to reflect your brand and not ours. When you don't choose this option the back will merely be blank.

About the Production Process

Cards are produced using some of the latest in digital press technology so the colors don't smear or run like the cards you would make with your inkjet printer at home. No need to worry about handling with extra care. Cards are meant to be held, opened and appreciated. You should be aware that this is different then giclee prints. Since it is only a 4 color process used to produce them, they won't have as rich of tones you would expect with the prints you order on canvas and fine art paper but they still look incredible. Once your card is produced it is shipped with a plain white envelope.

For pricing and additional information, please visit the folded cards page.

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Created: Wednesday, August 20, 2014, Last Updated: Wednesday, August 20, 2014


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