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New Starter Kit Participants and Folded Cards
By James M. Theopistos

We are excited to announce  new card processing technology coming soon for a better folded greeting card in quality and accuracy. But first I want to announce the selection of our new starter kit participants voted by our panel of judges. Check out their website and their work. Each winner is being sent a starter kit with a $100 gift card as thanks for their participation. Six are are being shown with their website and a brief testimonial on the back of the starter kit folder and two on the inside. We go through a ton of starter kits and order new batches at least a couple times a year. If you were not selected by our panel of judges this time, don't fret because we will in all likelihood be doing another round later in the year.
Over the next several days and weeks we will begin implementing an easier to use but more advanced folded greeting card ordering system. When we launched the addition of folded greeting cards in 2014 we did not realizing how popular they were going to become. While some of our artists and photographers will order single ones at a time, a substantial number order in bulk. We quickly discovered that our simplistic templates for the different sizes did not afford the control or options that our customers wanted. Nor did the manual review and corrections which slowed down the process help. Overall these limitations were a result of our own processing technology which we felt was not fully up to the task of producing either single cards or large batches of card orders side by side in a timely fashion. We came to the conclusion that advances needed to be made. To better automate the production of your cards and improve accuracy, behind the scenes our production department will start using new card printing and processing technology which will allow for higher color accuracy and an overall better quality print on the surface of the cards you order. Also, new software has been developed exclusively for FinerWorks to help us automate these orders so they are quicker and have less potential for error. To be fair, digital press based printing which produces high quality greeting cards is far different and not as accurate than what is used for your fine art and photo prints but this new technology we are going to be working with should help us get closer to what you might expect with a higher end print. 
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Created: Tuesday, April 12, 2016, Last Updated: Tuesday, April 12, 2016


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